Hoco Micro SD Cards

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TF Card High Speed Memory Micro-SDs

  • TF card or Micro SD cards are certainly the smallest flash memory cards available.
  • Designed for any kind of portable electronic gadgets such as laptops, tablets, computers, MP3 players, PDAs, video game consoles, electronic keyboards, synthesizers, GPS devices, mobile phones and digital cameras.
  • Storage: MLC. The cards are also reusable, this gives you the flexibility of use. You can remove the content of any of the cards, perhaps from the card to a PC, and then use the extra space offered by the removal for storing other important files as well.
  • Card capacity and reading speed: 64Gb (95MB / sec)                                                                                                        32Gb (90MB / sec)                                                                                                        16Gb (85MB / sec)