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Baseus Smooth Writing Capacitive Stylus

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Baseus smooth writing capacitive stylus

 Works well for both writing and drawing. Ideal for office workers and students who write their work on the tablet. Includes two tips: passive and active. With the palm rejection technology, you can freely rest your hand on the screen, just like on a piece of paper.


With the Baseus Smooth Writing Capactive Stylus, tablet operation becomes smoother and more enjoyable than ever. The device works without any interference or delay. Palm rejection technology along with the active stylus allows you to rest your hand freely on the tablet while writing or drawing, so you don't have to worry about accidentally exiting an application.

Active and passive tip

Has two tips, an active and a passive one. The passive tip can be used in a device with a capacitive screen. Installing the cap is very simple. Remove the old tip. Then remove the protective element and insert the new tip. To replace the active tip with the new one, unscrew the old cap counterclockwise. Then apply and screw on the new tip.

Use as you want

Depending on which angle you use the Baseus Smooth Writing Capactive Stylus, the line width changes. If you're taking notes, write at a 90° angle for smaller, precise characters, or a 60° angle for medium line width. On the other hand, using the stylus at a 45° angle will certainly work well when drawing.

Compact design

The device's magnetic, compact design allows it to attach to your tablet, preventing it from getting lost and providing stability. The Baseus Smooth Capactive Stylus is quite lightweight, and the matte finish ensures comfort during prolonged use. The stylus is made of a material that protects the screen from scratches.

Ready to use

Operation of the pen is very simple. The device is ready to use right out of the box. You don't need an app, nor is there any need to connect to the tablet wirelessly. However, if you have previously connected an Apple Pencil to an iPad, you must first disconnect the device before activating the pen.

Long runtime

Thanks to the 130 mAh battery, the device from Baseus can work for 8.5 hours on a single charge. However, the standby time of the device is about 12 months. To save energy, the device turns off after 5 minutes of non-use. The LED will inform you that the device is working properly.

Fast and convenient charging

The charging port of the device is located at the top of the device, just remove the cap and connect the pen to the charger with the USB-C cable included. Charging time is approximately one hour.

Packing list

  • Stylus ACSXB-C02
  • USB-C 0.5m cable
  • Active tip 
  • Passive tip